Soil & Plant Health

Healthy soil or growing medium means your plants have the best possible chance of a long, productive and healthy life cycle.  Most soils are loaded with nutrients, too bad it can be difficult for your plant to get what it needs when it needs it.  This is the main reason it takes a high nutrient input to make sure your plants grow optimally.  Read more about some of the simple, and amazing things you can do for your soil here.

About Ocean Harvest

There are many many soil amendments, nutrient formulas and regimens available to farmers and growers.  Many more than there were in the past.  Why does the world of agriculture need one more?  It doesn’t, it just needs the right one.  We have found that our carefully formulated and tested Ocean Harvest fills a gap that has been way over complicated – your soil.  We can summarize it like this: spend less, get better results.  Read more…


From water rights to water treatment, this vital component of all life has become over complicated too.  Here in Oregon we’ve got RAIN….lots of rain.  Enough rain in fact to water most gardens year round, legally and basically for free.  We explore some of the issues and options in our Water Blog.

Welcome To Oregon Rains

It falls from the sky to your roof, down the roof to your gutter, down the spout and into or onto the ground: rain. Whether you are in the zombie apocalypse camp, the SHTF camp, the Prepper Camp, or just a garden variety conservation hobbyist – you have watched the rain coming down in buckets every year and thought “I should be saving some of that.”

Here in the Willamette Valley we live in a sub-tropical rainforest and average more than 3.5 feet (yes feet) of rainfall a year – or approximately 43,560 gallons per acre per year. According to the UN, the EPA and several other sources, the average per capita water use is around 69.3 gallons a day – 26k gallons a year. Outdoor usage can be much higher. That’s a lot of water on both sides of the equation. Numbers of course are only numbers, what is more important are cost, availability, quality and even access to water.

Our first water harvesting project happened from a desire to not have to use city water for the garden, and to not have to water the tomatoes. Enter one plastic barrel, a blue one, some pvc pipe and fittings, a trough float and a bunch of 5 gallon buckets: viola, a self-watering tomato garden. It worked too, but there was a lot of trial and error, wasted time, effort, money and of course patience.

It wasn’t hard to recognize that, for all the information on the internet, there wasn’t a single person I could go talk to, get recommendations on parts or design from, or maybe pick up a spare tote from. Of course, having never met a need we didn’t feel compelled to try and fill, we put together what has become

From rooftop or well to storage, filtering and application, we’re daily adding to our knowledge base and to our DIY kits, plans, components and contractors. If we can’t help you with it, we’ll find you someone who can.

It all starts with water.

Why Oregon Rains?

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At Oregon Rains, we pride ourselves in using only organic, premium quality ingredients in our Ocean Harvest Products.

From the pure sea minerals from both Port Orford and the Sea of Cortez, to our Organic Molasses from Glory Bee right here in Oregon, to our home cultured microbes: quality in means quality results.

After concentrating and rinsing our sea mineral extract in de-chlorinated water to remove 97% of the sodium, we then anaerobically brew Ocean Harvest under controlled conditions for 3 weeks before it’s ready for bottling, mixing and testing every 12 hours to ensure consistent results every time.

All of our products are tested at multiple independent laboratories to ensure quality, safety and exact contents and their ratios.