Welcome to Oregon Rains.  We specialize in used food grade IBC totes.  We recycle them, then we rebuild, clean and test them so you can put them back to work for your project.  Need help with your project? Prefer a DYI approach, or looking for a turnkey solution for your project?  We offer everything from a little help, to a turnkey product.

Over the last 2 years we’ve been formulating a line of super effective soil amendment products – our Ocean Harvest line.  From our Origins nutrient base, to our rinsed and condensed sea mineral based “Sea Mineral Milk”, our pre-activated Ocean Harvest RTA, all the way to our bio-active Ocean Harvest Concentrate, these products are designed to lower the amount you spend on nutrients, pesticides and insecticides while helping increase plant vitality, yield, and quality of harvest.   Check out some of our testimonials.

We Recycle Used and Damaged Totes. Contact us for more information! 541-525-0076 Dismiss