A New Season for Oregon Rains

We’ve been recycling and re-purposing IBC totes now for about 4 years, we decided it was time to branch out a little.  We still process totes and sell directly to the public – lots of them.

A couple of months ago (at this writing), we partnered with our first, of hopefully many, agriculture / grow supply store:  Bend In Bloom.   They now carry our food grade ibc totes, and soon our new line of products.  If you are interested in becoming a retailer, fill out the Retail Application form, we can’t wait to add you to our growing team of excellent partners.

Several years ago we did a small venture with a group out of Texas that was trying out manufacturing an ocean mineral based, bio-active product for soil enhancement.  While this was informative, their process and product was lacking a number of things that we know should be in this type of product, so in March we began working on our own formulation of fermented, bio-active, ocean mineral based soil amendments specifically targeting cannabis growers.  While the product works extremely well on all plants, trees, grasses, etc., Cannabis seems to particularly flourish with our product.

Currently we are in the process of getting approved and registered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture with certifications for use in all 50 states.  We anticipate this to be complete soon.  We are very excited about this product.  Adding microbes and more than 70 trace pre-digested elements to the soil to enhance root growth and nutrient uptake is a big deal and we are looking forward to becoming your secret weapon of choice when it comes to increasing your yields and the health of your crops.

Our 2 products that are in the pipeline are “Sea Mineral Milk” (more on this soon) and “Ocean Harvest“.  If you are interested in participating in our testing program, please fill out the application.  We look forward to working with you.

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