Ocean Harvest Pasture & Forage Calculator

For your Pasture Application of 20 acres at 3 applications per season at a rate of 20 gallons per acre, at a dilution of: (std) 4oz per gallon, you will need 2400 gallons of Ready To Apply Ocean Harvest.

Here is your most cost effective product list:
3 - OH-5G 5 Gallon $500.00 Ext: $1500
3 - OH-1G Gallon $115.00 Ext: $345
3 - OH-1Q Quart $36.00 Ext: $108

TOTAL Purchase Cost: $1953 (shipping extra)

This cost breaks down to:
$97.65 total per acre,  
$32.55 total per application per acre, 
$651 total per each application.
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