Kelly Asay

Do You Need to Rent A Tote?

During the last 3 years we have thought about creating a formal rental program for totes.  It has never seemed to be an important service to offer since most people who buy our totes will use them until they decompose into their constituent parts…like we do.   But this last weekend the demand for totes […]

Brand New Partners and Products

Oregon Rains was started as a hobby effort to put recycled IBC totes to work in our community.  This last week we began the process of becoming a certified recycler for a couple of prominent organic product manufacturers here in Oregon!  We couldn’t be more excited. In fact, with recent law changes regarding storing water, […]

Looking for New Totes?

If you’ve gone looking for new totes, you’ve probably discovered how expensive they are (relatively speaking).

October 2013 – New Totes

We’ve got 25 totes in stock currently. These previously contained caustics or car wash soap. All totes have been neutralized, bleached and pressure washed. We do not refurbish totes that have been used to store chemicals known to leach into the tote bottle. $125 each. Discount for 10 or more.

DIY Rainwater Harvesting and More

The core of every system we work with, and are going to work with are based around the humble IBC Tote. These totes are used to transport nearly everything liquid that needs to be in manageable and moveable containers.

New Shipment of Totes

Every water catchment and storage project starts with the vessel. We’ve got a new batch of clean, used IBC 275gal Totes in stock.

Welcome to Oregon Rains

It falls from the sky to your roof, down the roof to your gutter, down the spout and into or onto the ground: rain. Whether you are in the zombie apocalypse camp, the SHTF camp, the Prepper Camp, or just a garden variety conservation hobbyist – you have watched the rain coming down in buckets every year and thought “I should be saving some of that.”