Brand New Partners and Products

Oregon Rains was started as a hobby effort to put recycled IBC totes to work in our community.  This last week we began the process of becoming a certified recycler for a couple of prominent organic product manufacturers here in Oregon!  We couldn’t be more excited.

In fact, with recent law changes regarding storing water, and certain crop legalizations, demand is soaring for our totes.  In an effort to support our growing community of not only DIY permaculture fans (and those who hate paying for city water to irrigate our lawns and gardens), we’ve begun carrying various components for our totes including valves, caps, various plumbing fittings and custom made first flush systems (yes, you NEED one).

Watch for inventory changes over the coming weeks, including food grade totes, BRAND NEW totes (with our own leasing program!), solar pumping systems, storage and grey water (compatible) plumbing components.

We’ll also be making an effort to update the site a little more frequently to give you updates on law and regulation changes, sources for permits where required, and some very cool DIY “pumphouse” designs and kits for everything from remote site collection/storage and pumping, to garden sheds.

Watch for notices on Craigslist, and check out our ads on Eugene Daily News!

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