Do You Need to Rent A Tote?

During the last 3 years we have thought about creating a formal rental program for totes.  It has never seemed to be an important service to offer since most people who buy our totes will use them until they decompose into their constituent parts…like we do.   But this last weekend the demand for totes to rent for special events was very high.  High enough we couldn’t accommodate all the requests.

We aren’t prepared to implement a full press rental program, BUT, if you are needing totes for a weekend project or event, then we will have you covered.  We have reserved what should be a sufficient number of clean, fresh 275 gallon totes for our customers who only need to rent, not buy a tote (or 24).

If you are interested in renting totes for your project/event, fill out the form below and we’ll contact you and talk about your project.  I know, I hate when sites don’t give you pricing and availability up front, but at this stage in our growth, it’s the only way we can make it work.  We promise not to bother you and we are happy to conduct conversations via text, SLACK, phone call or email.  We’ve set the form up so you can specify your preferred contact method.

Thanks for being a part of Oregon Rains.  We appreciate you.


A New Season for Oregon Rains

We’ve been recycling and re-purposing IBC totes now for about 4 years, we decided it was time to branch out a little.  We still process totes and sell directly to the public – lots of them.

A couple of months ago (at this writing), we partnered with our first, of hopefully many, agriculture / grow supply store:  Bend In Bloom.   They now carry our food grade ibc totes, and soon our new line of products.  If you are interested in becoming a retailer, fill out the Retail Application form, we can’t wait to add you to our growing team of excellent partners.

Several years ago we did a small venture with a group out of Texas that was trying out manufacturing an ocean mineral based, bio-active product for soil enhancement.  While this was informative, their process and product was lacking a number of things that we know should be in this type of product, so in March we began working on our own formulation of fermented, bio-active, ocean mineral based soil amendments specifically targeting cannabis growers.  While the product works extremely well on all plants, trees, grasses, etc., Cannabis seems to particularly flourish with our product.

Currently we are in the process of getting approved and registered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture with certifications for use in all 50 states.  We anticipate this to be complete soon.  We are very excited about this product.  Adding microbes and more than 70 trace pre-digested elements to the soil to enhance root growth and nutrient uptake is a big deal and we are looking forward to becoming your secret weapon of choice when it comes to increasing your yields and the health of your crops.

Our 2 products that are in the pipeline are “Sea Mineral Milk” (more on this soon) and “Ocean Harvest“.  If you are interested in participating in our testing program, please fill out the application.  We look forward to working with you.

Brand New Partners and Products

Oregon Rains was started as a hobby effort to put recycled IBC totes to work in our community.  This last week we began the process of becoming a certified recycler for a couple of prominent organic product manufacturers here in Oregon!  We couldn’t be more excited.

In fact, with recent law changes regarding storing water, and certain crop legalizations, demand is soaring for our totes.  In an effort to support our growing community of not only DIY permaculture fans (and those who hate paying for city water to irrigate our lawns and gardens), we’ve begun carrying various components for our totes including valves, caps, various plumbing fittings and custom made first flush systems (yes, you NEED one).

Watch for inventory changes over the coming weeks, including food grade totes, BRAND NEW totes (with our own leasing program!), solar pumping systems, storage and grey water (compatible) plumbing components.

We’ll also be making an effort to update the site a little more frequently to give you updates on law and regulation changes, sources for permits where required, and some very cool DIY “pumphouse” designs and kits for everything from remote site collection/storage and pumping, to garden sheds.

Watch for notices on Craigslist, and check out our ads on Eugene Daily News!

Looking for New Totes?

We get a number of inquiries every week about new totes. If you’ve gone looking for new totes, you’ve probably discovered how expensive they are (relatively speaking). If you are a small manufacturer that uses totes to ship your products, you typically have to make do with used totes; not always the best image for your company.

We have an opportunity with an IBC Tote manufacturer to purchase new totes by the truckload, approx. 60 totes per shipment. This does two things: it of course makes the price cheaper, and it lets us pass that along.

We are considering two plans currently:

  1. Pre-sell:  If there are enough pre-sale deposits to justify bringing a truckload out – we’ll do it.  This is probably the route we’ll go, but we are considering another option.
  2. Lease them:  If we offered a monthly lease payment for a period of time for new totes, would that benefit your business?  Would that be the deciding factor for you regarding using new totes vs the beat up set you currently have?

If you are interested in new totes, please drop us a note at: and us know which of the two plans interest you.

In the meantime – take a look at our current inventory or take a look at our FAQ.

DIY Rainwater Harvesting and More

Received a question today.  Someone wanted to know if we had custom built tanks or underground systems.  Just to be clear, we don’t carry those items.  In fact it’s more accurate to say that we are here for the small homeowner and farmer.  No 5k gallon cisterns or water tower setups. The core of every system we work with, and are going to work with are based around the humble IBC Tote.  These totes are used to transport nearly everything liquid that needs to be in manageable and moveable containers.

We will sometimes have recycled food-grade totes, but rarely.  Most of what we scour the northwest for are used for industrial purposes – liquid detergents, acids, surfactants.

At first blush this seems like a problem for anyone looking to store water that they want to use on something they may eat one day and in truth, it can be.  Note: We do not recycle totes that have been used for storing or mixing herbicides (including citric acid), insecticides, propionic acid or polyglyphosate.

While we have had no reports of problems to date, when in doubt, for closed ecosystems like aquaponics, regardless of what was in the tote – you should play it safe with either a brand new replacement bottle, or a food-grade container.  We have access to food grade containers once in awhile, but they do not last long.  When it comes to gardening and watering your plants and garden, these totes should give you no trouble.

Our goal is to make it easy and inexpensive to capture some of your own roof runoff for use by your plants during the dry months (or days). We’ll leave the industrial and commercial projects to the big guys.  We’re here for the rest of us.


Welcome to Oregon Rains

It falls from the sky to your roof, down the roof to your gutter, down the spout and into or onto the ground: rain.  Whether you are in the zombie apocalypse camp, the SHTF camp, the Prepper Camp, or just a garden variety conservation hobbyist – you have watched the rain coming down in buckets every year and thought “I should be saving some of that.”

Here in the Willamette Valley we live in a sub-tropical rainforest and average more than 3.5 feet (yes feet) of rainfall a year – or approximately 43,560 gallons per acre per year. According to the UN, the EPA and several other sources, the average per capita water use is around 69.3 gallons a day – 26k gallons a year. Outdoor usage can be much higher. That’s a lot of water on both sides of the equation. Numbers of course are only numbers, what is more important are cost, availability, quality and even access to water.

Our first water harvesting project happened from a desire to not have to use city water for the garden, and to not have to water the tomatoes.  Enter one plastic barrel, a blue one, some pvc pipe and fittings, a trough float and a bunch of 5 gallon buckets: viola, a self-watering tomato garden.  It worked too, but there was a lot of trial and error, wasted time, effort, money and of course patience.

It wasn’t hard to recognize that, for all the information on the internet, there wasn’t a single person I could go talk to, get recommendations on parts or design from, or maybe pick up a spare tote from. Of course, having never met a need we didn’t feel compelled to try and fill, we put together what has become

From rooftop or well to storage, filtering and application, we’re daily adding to our knowledge base and to our DIY kits, plans, components and contractors.  If we can’t help you with it, we’ll find you someone who can.

It all starts with water.