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DIY Rainwater Harvesting and More

Received a question today.  Someone wanted to know if we had custom built tanks or underground systems.  Just to be clear, we don’t carry those items.  In fact it’s more accurate to say that we are here for the small homeowner and farmer.  No 5k gallon cisterns or water tower setups. The core of every system we work with, and are going to work with are based around the humble IBC Tote.  These totes are used to transport nearly everything liquid that needs to be in manageable and moveable containers.

We will sometimes have recycled food-grade totes, but rarely.  Most of what we scour the northwest for are used for industrial purposes – liquid detergents, acids, surfactants.

At first blush this seems like a problem for anyone looking to store water that they want to use on something they may eat one day and in truth, it can be.  Note: We do not recycle totes that have been used for storing or mixing herbicides (including citric acid), insecticides, propionic acid or polyglyphosate.

While we have had no reports of problems to date, when in doubt, for closed ecosystems like aquaponics, regardless of what was in the tote – you should play it safe with either a brand new replacement bottle, or a food-grade container.  We have access to food grade containers once in awhile, but they do not last long.  When it comes to gardening and watering your plants and garden, these totes should give you no trouble.

Our goal is to make it easy and inexpensive to capture some of your own roof runoff for use by your plants during the dry months (or days). We’ll leave the industrial and commercial projects to the big guys.  We’re here for the rest of us.


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