Looking for New Totes?

We get a number of inquiries every week about new totes. If you’ve gone looking for new totes, you’ve probably discovered how expensive they are (relatively speaking). If you are a small manufacturer that uses totes to ship your products, you typically have to make do with used totes; not always the best image for your company.

We have an opportunity with an IBC Tote manufacturer to purchase new totes by the truckload, approx. 60 totes per shipment. This does two things: it of course makes the price cheaper, and it lets us pass that along.

We are considering two plans currently:

  1. Pre-sell:  If there are enough pre-sale deposits to justify bringing a truckload out – we’ll do it.  This is probably the route we’ll go, but we are considering another option.
  2. Lease them:  If we offered a monthly lease payment for a period of time for new totes, would that benefit your business?  Would that be the deciding factor for you regarding using new totes vs the beat up set you currently have?

If you are interested in new totes, please drop us a note at: and us know which of the two plans interest you.

In the meantime – take a look at our current inventory or take a look at our FAQ.

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