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Ocean Harvest is handcrafted to provide the soil enhancing elixer rich in beneficial microbes that your plants are dying for.

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Oregon Rains Bio-Active Ocean Harvest is a combination soil amendment / soil mineral product designed to restore the life to your soil or growing medium. Drawing on the deep waters of the pristine Oregon oceans at Port Orford, Ocean Harvest has shown a consistent ability to restore those missing critical elements in soil and growing mediums.

In our tests with Cannabis, Fruit producing plants and finicky plants like Orchids, Ocean Harvest encourages new, strong growth in to both root structures, plants and flowers. Our test group has reported better flavor and higher yields in Cannabis and fruit bearing plants like tomatoes and peppers as well bringing out deep strong color and vitality in all plants.

Our Sea Minerals are condensed from clean, pure ocean water, rinsed to remove surplus sodium chloride and then blended with only organic ingredients and a mix of helpful microorganisms, Ocean Harvest is the missing link in your plants food chain.

Oregon Rains Ocean Harvest is available direct from our website in 1gal, 5gal and in bulk for large scale operations.  Ocean Harvest will soon be available at your local Ag store.

If you’d like to get on the mailing list for Oregon Harvest, or to participate in our Ocean Harvest testing, click the link below and add Ocean Harvest in the size you are looking for and order.

We are currently licensed in Colorado with registrations pending in Arizona, Nevada, Washington, California and Oregon.

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Ocean Harvest is designed to be diluted when you use it at a rate of 1:64. For every Gallon of Ocean Harvest, you can make 64 gallons of application product (2oz per gallon).  The diluted solution is ideal for soil pre-treatment, foliar, drip, or dosimeter applications. Ocean Harvest can also be used full strength without damaging fragile or sensitive plants.

Pre-Activating Ocean Harvest

Pre-Activating Ocean Harvest is done by making your dilution (2oz per gallon) and adding unsulfured organic molasses in an amount equal to your Ocean Harvest qty. Ocean Harvest does not need to be pre-activated, it will activate according to the nutrient levels found in your soil or nutrient solution – it simply gets to work faster if pre-activated.  Ocean Harvest can be safely applied full strength as well.

Soil Preparation

We recommend using Ocean Harvest full strength when initially preparing your soil:  Our testing has found approximately 2oz per gallon of soil is a good starting point.   Add to your soil and mix thoroughly – this ensures good distribution of Ocean Harvest microbial components.  If your plants are already in the ground (or pots, etc.), pouring 2-4oz (1/4 cup) around the plant approximately 6″ from the stem after watering will work.

Pasture Application Calculator

For Pasture and Forage, Ocean Harvest Concentrate is recommended to be diluted at a rate of 2-6oz per gallon at a rate of 20 gallons per acre.
Acres for Application:
Applications Per Acre (season):
Dilution Rate:
Light (2oz per gallon)
Std (4oz per gallon)
Heavy (6oz per gallon)
Application Rate (GalsPerAcre):

You will need:

Ready To Apply (gallons):
OH Concentrate (gallons):

Per Plant Application Calculator

For Shrubs, Trees and Individual plant counts, Ocean Harvest is recommended to be diluted at a rate of 2oz per gallon. Calculations are based on an average application amount over the specified growing season: less on young/small plants, more on larger/older plants.
Select the application method you prefer. We recommend foliar application applied weekly at a minimum for fastest results.

Foliar Application (4oz per plant)
Drip Application (6oz per plant average)
Drench Application (8oz per plant average)

You will need:

Ready To Apply (gallons):
OH Concentrate (gallons):

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