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From soil amendments to nutrients to high quality farm products, find out what you’ve been missing in your hemp partners and providers.

2020: We’re producing beautiful CBG flower, single strain hemp terpenes and Isolate & distillate from our crop.

Commercial Scale Family Farms

Generations long traditions on family farms are the key to turning crops like Hemp into a standardized commercial product. Our farms bring decades of experience and the patience to get it right.

Care & Feeding

In 2017 we began looking at the most effective, organic methods used historically to feed and care for soil and plants, all kinds of plants. The result was Ocean Harvest. Combining micro-nutrients, trace elements, carbohydrates and 3 distinct microbes, Ocean Harvest is the perfect booster for plant and soil health.


More than 60 years distilling essential oils from Mint and Hops has given us a considerable edge in extracting the very best essential oils (terpenes) from industrial hemp. Of course we don’t rely on that experience alone, we are constantly learning and expanding our knowledge of this unique and beneficial plant.

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Handcrafted Lab Products

After we have harvested the “A” grade flower from our crop, we take the rest and extract the essential oils. We then dry that product and send it off for processing into some amazing lab products. By far the favorite is our CBD Isolate, so much so that we created a standing order program so our customers could count on consistent pricing and excellent quality year round.

See what they’re saying.

Our customers have a lot to say about our products.

I just wanted to let you know that we received the terpenes and WOW! These are quality terpenes with very robust profiles. You did an outstanding job with these, the smell/flavor is top notch! Its such a relief not tasting artificial terpenes with overpowering pinene isolate.


Deerfield FL

Product Manufacturer

24 hour cure notes from me: the Merlot presented as the more pleasant when opened but after 24 hours in solution and spread has taken on a ‘minty’ character NOT unpleasant just distinct; the Red Bordeaux now the more attractive as the sourness has married into a more funky aroma.

Experiential notes from others: of the bordeaux: Heavy, relaxing


Myrtle Beach SC



The berry blossom is fire!


Maple Park IL

Hemp Professional

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If you are looking for quality products to help you with growing, in your product formulation or even for your personal consumption, we have the quantities and quality products you need to be successful.

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