About Us

Oregon Rains started in 2012 as a rainwater collection project.  Tired of paying the city to water the garden and the lawn, we decided it was time to build a little rainwater catchment system.  Enter the now ubiquitous IBC Tote.  Basically a 275 gallon milk jug in a steel cage.  They make great rainwater collectors.  While building the first one, a (now customer) gentleman pulled up into the driveway and asked if the 3 IBC’s I wasn’t currently using were for sale.  Aaaabsolutely.   5 years later we were the areas largest recycler, repurposer and reseller of food grade and non-food grade IBC containers.

While we started out specializing in IBC totes,  over the last 2.5 years we’ve been formulating a line of super effective soil & plant health products – our Ocean Harvest line.   With President Jorie Jacober’s guidance, Oregon Rains is focused on becoming the best, and most effective source of plant and soil health products you will find anywhere.

— Jorie & Kelly

Jorie is our nature lover. Plants, soil, animals you name it; working to protect and improve the environment so we can continue to enjoy it’s beauty is at the top of her focus list. A Nurse by trade, mother of 3 an artist and entrepreneur, Jorie knows nurturing and creative thinking.

Kelly is a lifelong musician and entrepreneur. Starting Oregon Rains in 2012 he built the business around IBC’s, in 2017 He sold Oregon Rains to Jorie Jacober in order to let it better grow in the direction that she envisioned. Kelly handles the technical and logistics side of the business.


General Information

Jorie Jacober (President)

Kelly Asay (Sales, Marketing, Technical)

Phone: 541-525-0076

Facebook: oregonrains

Ocean Harvest (Soil Amendments)
OHC – Concentrate
OHRTA RTA (Ready To Apply)
OHSME Sea Mineral Extract
OH11 – Dry Sea Minerals

Origins (Nutrients)
Base Blend
Bloom Blend