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Ocean Harvest

With a lot of help from our friends in the Ag Industry

From seawater to foliar plant & soil amendment, the components in Ocean Harvest have been found to help: increase the protein content in forage & food plants, increase the brix (sweetness) of fruits and flowers, strengthen plants natural resistance to pests and plant illnesses, increase the weight and quantity of a plants harvest, and decrease the plants need for expensive nutrient supplementation by increasing the plants ability to fully utilize all present nutrients and nutritional elements in the grow medium.

Half of our plants ended up with a burrowing caterpillar infestation. Guess which half, The ones that didn’t get Ocean Harvest! We are now applying Ocean Harvest foliarly to all the plants and it appears to be killing off the infestation. Thank you for the help!


Madsen Canna

Test Grow Customer (Cannabis)

The ocean contains the highest concentration of life giving minerals and trace elements on the planet. We create our Sea Mineral Extract(tm) from the deep waters off the Oregon Coast, extract the minerals & elements, then remove 97% of the sodium chloride. This is the foundation of Ocean Harvest.

Ocean Harvest is a great product. I can use it with anything else we give the plants and don’t have to give it a second thought. We are a couple weeks out on harvest, but the OH plants are definitely producing heavier flower clusters.


Sam R. – Marlow Farms

Master Grower – Cannabis (Test Grow)

The symbiosis between plant and microbe is the key to plant vitality and growth. Our specially selected microbes assist in carbon dioxide fixation in plants, nitrogen fixation in the soil, and the beneficial decomposition of minerals and trace elements. This is the life in Ocean Harvest

I wish I had used Ocean Harvest on all of our plants. We held to the testing plan and only used it on half of each of our 2 clone varieties. The OH plant yield was greater than 30% over the non-OH plants.


Sarah H.

Cannabis Grower (test grow)

Nutrient and carbohydrate rich Organic Molasses feeds our microbe family so they can feed your plants. Providing a quality source of energy for digestion, while providing fruit and flower enhancing sugars to your plants. This is part of the magic in Ocean Harvest.

All of our tomato plants are done for the year, except for the Ocean Harvest field. They are still putting out fruit. We specifically noticed 3 things about our OH plants – the fruit was noticeably sweeter, there were more tomatoes on them, and they produced sooner (and now longer) than our non-OH plants. Next year they all get it.


D. Powell

Organic Farmer (Test grow – tomato)

Find out for yourself.

We have tested Ocean Harvest on many different types of plants; food, medicinal and ornamental.

These Orchids have been blooming continuously for 3 years; ever since we began giving them Ocean Harvest.

From Orchids to Roses, Turf to Tomatoes, Cannabis & Hemp; everything we tested it on produced incredible results. This includes commercial ag testing on hundreds of acres of hemp, cannabis and tomatoes.

Ocean Harvest Concentrate is also a great value at around $1.95 per ready to apply (diluted) gallon to use.